Family owned over 20 years of experience.
As owners and operators, we strive to deliver the utmost quality service
and cleanliness to our customers.

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Why Choose Us ?

Family owned over 20 years of experience. As owners and operators, we strive to deliver the utmost quality service and cleanliness to our customers.

• 24 Hour Service Guarantee
• Quick Easy Online Booking
• Eco Friendly & Pet Friendly
• Fully Bonded and Insured
• We Bring All Our Own Supplies
• 200% Satisfaction Guarantee

Maintenance Cleaning:

 For customers who recently received general cleaning. Continuous cleaning of the house or apartment can be for its owners quite burdensome necessity, especially if intense rhythm of their work schedule did not leave free time to solve domestic problems. By entrusting the execution of such duties to our experts, you will always be satisfied with the quality, professional cleaning service.

General Cleaning:

 For customers who want their home cleaned top to bottom.Maintaining cleanliness in the house will not take so much time every day. But to achieve this, it is necessary to conduct general cleaning of the premises. To get to the farthest corners of the house should be done at least twice a year.

Relocation cleaning:

 For customers who are moving in or out and need to get their house ready for new tenants. Moving in or out often produces a lot of waste, so why not let the cleaning company,like ours, take care of your cleaning before you move in or after you moved out, so you can focus on what really matters: the packaging and transportation of things in your new home or office. You can be sure about the fact that the old premises will be clean, and the new one will be in the proper order.

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 Our cleaning company provides residential cleaning services for your home that are unmatched in the Calgary area. Along with house cleaning, we also cater to other residencies such as apartments and condos, and we have rates available for cleanups ranging from one room to six rooms and over! For your convenience, we offer quick and easy online booking, a 24 hour service guarantee, and no fee cancellations up until 24 hours prior to your appointment!
 The breakdown
 Pricing – Our pricing model bases the cost of our cleaning service on the amount of rooms requested for clean up and the type of clean up, starting from one room at a cost of $109 per maintenance clean. From there our rates increase as follows: $119 for two rooms, $139 for three rooms, $149 for four rooms, $189 for five rooms, $199 for six rooms. The same rates plus $50 apply for one time general cleaning, rates plus $100 apply for relocation cleaning, rates plus $300 apply for post construction cleaning, and for projects that are more than six bedrooms special rates apply. And for our customers that wish to keep up the tidiness without all the work, we offer savings of 10% for biweekly cleanings, and savings of 20% for weekly cleanings!
Services – Whatever home cleaning you may require; our staff is ready to help! For residential spaces, we offer:
 General cleaning - for homes that require top to bottom cleaning
Maintenance cleaning - for homes that wish to be maintained on a regular basis
Relocation cleaning - for those who are moving and require their space to be presentable to prospective owners.
 Our staff strives to complete our work with the skills and efficiency to cover all areas of your house including your kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms/bedrooms. For each room in your house, our staff can perform anything from simple chores such as taking out the trash and running the dishwasher, to more extensive cleaning which includes cleaning of entire kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Other specific needs can be outlined in the online application which we receive, and will be addressed by our cleaning staff.
 Convenience – While we know that you value our services, you must not let them get in the way of your day to day life, and our staff totally understands that! This is why we cater to you by being pet friendly, by working quietly and methodically around you and your family, and being able to add extra services for those unexpected cleanups!