Move out/Move in cleaning- Clean24 is your go to source for moving day cleaning!

Move out cleaning, move in cleaning

Having to settle elsewhere is a fact of life, and as you change from your old space and into a newer arrangement, you can trust that our crew at Clean24 will be there to support you with move out cleaning and move in cleaning that’ll wow the newcomers of your old space, and make your newer space feeling ready! Move out cleaning and move in cleaning can be a strenuous task, considering the monumental task of hauling your stuff and other logistics you got to be concerned about. This is why our crew labors to make your cleanup as easy as can be!

Our crew works alongside you to formulate plans of action that’ll fit around your timetable, fit your budget, and fit the needs of your spaces that you’re occupying and vacating. The details are not to be overlooked when it comes what we do, and we don’t quit your spaces are thoroughly restored until they look like new!

Maid cleaning service- Clean24 is the foremost source for maid cleaning services in YYC!

Maid cleaning service

Everyone can appreciate when a home or office space looks tidy and organized, but often times we find ourselves neglecting these chores due to our busy schedules, which is why you need expert maid cleaning services at your disposal. Clean24 is a distinguished provider of maid cleaning services in Calgary, and as a result our crew has garnered a reputation that is one of class and quality.

We always make sure that our maids are expertly trained for anything your space can throw at them, whether it be commercial or residential. We have an extensive process in which we see to that our maids are well equipped both physically and mentally to handle all of the toughest jobs that they can get. Throughout this process we also always make sure to include our clientele in the decision making process by informing them of all of the budgetary, scheduling and cleaning itineraries. We believe this puts us a cut above other maid cleaning services in Calgary, and we are eager to work with you!

Maids- Clean24 is your premier source for hiring maids that are effective and talented!


An immaculate space is vital for anything from completing your work duties to throwing parties for loved ones and other stuff, and for your cleanup necessities you need maids that are expertly schooled and thorough so that your spaces can be immaculate. Maids are wonderful because they understand the value that a good cleanup can have for a living arrangement or business, and they try very hard to make sure they thoroughly tend to your space until it is completely spotless.

At Clean24 we take pride in the fact that our maids are extensively schooled in fine cleaning so you’re able to relax with the thought of knowing your cleanup is being taken care of by only the most competent maids. We also take pride in the communication and professional rapport that our maids foster, by maintaining constant dialogue with our partners and making sure all is right and up to par. These are the advantages of the Clean24 group and what distinguish us from the rest of the competition.

Bathroom cleaner- Bathroom cleaning can be tricky, so call Clean24 to get it done!

Bathroom cleaner

Not a lot of folks are usually too excited about the prospect of having to tackle on the messes that have been left in their bathrooms, which is why our team at Clean24 are always prepared to serve by being your go to bathroom cleaner! Bathrooms are vital parts of a functioning home or business, so when you require it be cleaned you want it cleaned effectively, so you, your loved ones, or potential clientele can feel hygienic and safe using it.

We are a bathroom cleaner you can trust, and we prove this by being the most reliable and flexible cleaners in the city. We always engage in open dialogue with our clientele so we can properly assess their bathroom cleaning needs. We also pride ourselves on being flexible in terms of our cleanups and supplying any type of cleanup service you may require! These promises exist so you can hold our crew accountable, as we guarantee your bathroom cleaner will wow you with how immaculate your space can be!

Green clean- A green clean is good for the environment, for your green clean call Clean24!

Green clean

It’s important to remember that what we do can have consequences on our surroundings, which is why Clean24 takes pride in green clean initiatives that we employ. The potential for certain chemical cleaners or techniques to be harmful to our surroundings is perpetually a concern, and our crew wants to be positive that we don’t pollute by being mindful or the way we conduct our cleanup projects.

As a green clean friendly company, we are lauded for our support in keeping pollution to a minimum when we carry out our cleanups.  Our crew is properly trained with regards to our green clean policies, and has adopted techniques and habits that are mindful of the stuff we use, and the nature that surrounds us. This way, we can supply our top notch cleanups while still preserving our nature and surroundings for future generations.

Cleaning lady- To hire a respectable and efficient cleaning lady call Clean24 today!

Cleaning lady

The spaces you inhabit and perform your duties in are perpetually being put to the test which can result in the occasional mess, and a great cleaning lady can help take the burden away of confronting these issues by yourself. A cleaning lady allows you to prioritize your life by taking care of the vital necessities that got to be completed on a consistent basis. The quality and attention our cleaning ladies put into your space is readily apparent, as they’re expertly trained in providing cleanups that are meticulous and well thought out.

At Clean24 we value communication and a great rapport between yourself and your cleaning lady. Having great rapport that’s built on respectability and trustworthiness means that your cleanup projects can be completed even more diligently and smoothly, so you’re satisfied with the cleanup you receive every time you set foot in your home!

Natural cleaners- Clean24 prides itself on being the foremost natural cleaners in Calgary!

Natural cleaners

Having immaculate home and living spaces is a wonderful thing for everybody involved, but we can’t forget to continue to be environmentally conscious throughout the process, which is why at Clean24 we pride ourselves on being natural cleaners who care about what’s going down the drains and out into the environment. It can often be convenient for some cleaners to forget about what the consequences are of using various cleaning products on the environment, but not our crew. We focus our crew on identifying possible pollutants and take measures to ensure we dispose of waste properly and utilize green products, like true natural cleaners.

Through the implementation of these kinds of policies we believe that we are turning the tide against cleaning practices that could be potentially harmful. As natural cleaners we strive to seek out methods that are friendlier to the nature around us, and often times we find that the natural way of cleaning is a lot more effective than the synthetic way.

Restaurant cleaning- For top notch restaurant cleaning our crew at Clean24 has your back!

Restaurant cleaning

The culinary world benefits greatly from all kinds of food places constantly popping up from city to city, and in our city when our proprietors demand restaurant cleaning the number one choice among proprietors is Clean24! Restaurant cleaning is vital as it grants workers of the establishment a clean workspace and assures a safer time for the patrons of the restaurant.  We never take our duties with a grain of salt, and as a result we implement a finely tuned methodology for restoring our clienteles establishments and making them immaculate.

The methodology is simple: we engage in transparent dialogue with our clientele, making sure that all their concerns and inquiries are met with a confident answer, whether it be with regards to budgets or schedules. Once we get that sorted our crew begins the cleaning process ASAP, with all the cleanup techniques and tools at their side so they are guaranteed to be set up for success.

Apartment cleaning- For your smaller apartment cleaning needs call the crew at Clean24!

Apartment cleaning

Folks appreciate the convenience of metropolitan living as it’s smaller and more convenient, but these spaces still have potential to get pretty messy, and when they do you got to have the team at Clean24 to support and supply expert apartment cleaning! Apartment cleaning is a thorn in lots of apartment dwellers sides as they tread through their own busy schedules and our competent crew would love to assist by supplying our apartment cleaning duties that have been attempted and tested for years!

Our methodologies for applying our cleanup techniques to your living arrangements are well developed, and there isn’t a single mess or cleanup that our crew can’t tackle. This versatility, along with the dialogue we engage in with our clientele is what makes us stand out among our competitors. We believe in working alongside our clientele to make sure their every need is met, whether it has to do with budgeting, scheduling, or your cleanup!



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